Intra-city deliveries, especially in Jakarta, can be easily done in hours using a courier service from the same smartphone app that you can call for an ojek (see by ojek section). In the reverse direction, money changers will be happy to turn your rupiah into dollars, but the spread is often considerable (10% is not unusual). Most of them are bitter or sour and drunk for the supposed effect, not the taste. Participants can choose to study at any of the state universities and colleges participating in the program. With 18,330 islands, 6,000 of them inhabited, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. Ferries have different classes of seats, with the most expensive (and cleanest) section on top with comfortable seats and windows for a nice frontal view, followed by second class behind that in a separate room that is more cramped and dirtier with less comfortable seating, and third class is usually on the lower decks and is the worst. Pretty much all Indonesian ATM booths have a CCTV camera, supposedly for customer security, but who knows? Nevertheless, all of the world's major religions are observed to some degree in Indonesia, and Indonesia officially remains a secular state, with all the state-sanctioned religions, at least theoretically, given equal status under Indonesian law. These stunning villas right in the heart of Seminyak were my favourite treat. State-owned TV station, TVRI, has its own English news service at 18:00 WIB (West Indonesian time) daily. Last but not least, there are also countless services running short island-to-island hops, including between Merak in Java to Sumatra's Bakauheni (hourly), Java and Bali (every 15 min) and Bali and Lombok (near-hourly). Some brands don't have filters because traditionally kretek cigarette have no filter and the taste is different with the kretek filter cigarette. They have reasonably clean toilets, but usually only in squat pots. The minimum charge is between Rp 7,000 and Rp 12,500 and additional charges are no more than Rp 3,000 per kilometer. People who rent the motorcycles may be unconcerned with whether or not you have a driver's license, however, to ride a motorcycle in Indonesia, a current home nation issued driver's license of the appropriate class must be carried, plus an International Driver's Permit (IDP) of that same class. Ask around. Despite being nominally Muslim, many local folk stories and customs which are Hindu, Buddhist or animist in origin are faithfully preserved by much of the population. As most drivers have limited English, it is worth spending some time to learn enough Indonesian, or other relevant regional languages, to talk to the driver who may call or chat you to ask your precise location and how to identify you. By law, all hotels have to display a price list (daftar harga). When meeting someone, be it for the first time ever or just the first time that day, it is common to shake hands — but in Indonesia this is no knuckle-crusher, just a. The nation of Indonesia is almost unimaginably vast: More than 18,000 islands providing 108,000 km of beaches. Some officials have been known to hold documents hostage to ensure compliance with what they want from you. If the inhabited object or/and spirits are neglected or abandoned, the spirits may attack people nearby, which may necessitate a healing ceremony and the propitiation of the spirits. The use of luxury long-distance buses is a new trend, very comfortable with air suspension and can stop wherever you want. Or something about the recipe: kuah (with broth), tepung (batter-fried), and kering (dry). Bali with Balinese tourist concern is always calmer than the other site of Indonesia. A constitution, drafted by the PPKI, was announced on 18 August and Sukarno was declared President with Mohammad Hatta as vice-president. Nothing (including water and cigarettes) is supposed to pass through the lips from dawn to sunset. Only one vessel, the MV Kelud, operating between Jakarta and Medan, retains the traditional fare configuration, consisting roughly of: For those with time, traveling in PELNI ekonomi class is the cheapest, greenest and most authentic way to see Indonesia. Indonesia is within two wildlife regions; the west is part of the Indomalayan region, and the east is within the Australasian region. In addition to the obvious drugs and guns, importing pornography and fruit, plants, meat or fish is prohibited. Or about flavour: polos or hambar (plain/bland), asam (sour), manis (sweet), pedas (spicy), asin (salty), pahit (bitter), and gurih (salty and a bit sweet, like MSG, or salty and oily). The legal drinking age is 21 and supermarkets have begun enforcing ID checks for alcohol purchases. Commuter trains have sideways seating with poles and hand straps for standing passengers and, during peak hours, can be very crowded, although they are usually air-conditioned and usually have cars at either end for women only. Example: "Si mas John" or "Si mbak Mary") rather than "dia" ("he/she"), as it signifies openness (so as not to talk of them secretly) and acknowledgement. If you are with Indonesians, they may not say anything out of politeness if you eat or drink in front of them, but you really should at least ask permission first and preferably avoid it unless it is openly and clearly encouraged. Nusa Tenggara et Sulawesi sont des îles hors norme, qui se protègent férocement des cultures étrangères. An alternative way to reserve your train ticket is through the booking portal, with an English language interface and fewer glitches with payment. As a precaution, consider bringing a friend along to watch over the transaction very carefully. The days a visa holder is within Indonesia are counted with the day of entry being day 1, not day 0. There are mostly non-Muslim areas of the country, such as Bali and North Sulawesi, which are less affected by Eid. All calls must always be dialed with all digits (10-12 digits, including the "0" prefix within Indonesia); omit the first 0 if using the Indonesian country code. Most GSM operators in Indonesia have roaming agreements with GSM operators worldwide. The emergency room (UGD/IGD) in hospitals are always open (24 hr). Agnes Monica is an energetic dancer, actress and singer who performed duets with international artists and gained fame. Indonesia uses 220 volt and 50 Hz system. Indonesia is a member of the G-20 and although it has potential to become a world leader, it is still hampered by corruption and shortcomings in education as well as an infrastructure hampered by difficult terrain and water. Since November 2017 constitutional court has agreed that traditional beliefs are recognized and can be stated in electronic ID card. Jakarta and Bali are great airports and the most popular but you can also fly into Bandung, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Aceh and Makassar as well as a few other international options. Food on ferries varies from bad to inedible, and journey times can stretch well beyond the schedule, so bring along enough to tide you over even if the engine stalls and you end up drifting for an extra day. Also, the package price in the airport is often considerably inflated so it's a good idea to buy it later in the city, or visit a chosen operator's local (official) office, or easily at street or mall vendors. Avoid touching the top of anyone's head as some cultures here consider it as a holy part of their body. The Seraya resort is a secluded paradise and a perfect base for relaxing and exploring from. Due to continued deforestation, this natural habitat is sadly in danger. In many other cases, tourists have been blinded or killed by methanol in drinks. Otherwise, try not to get too close. Larger train stations usually have multiple platforms and regular service to many cities, but the smallest stations only have infrequent stops and one platform. Maintenance quality is acceptable, and derailments and crashes occur rarely. Généreuse et multiculturelle, l’Indonésie invite le voyageur au dépaysement… et c’est réussi. In case of a mealtime, the bus will get off at a rest stop where everyone is expected to dine at the same restaurant; some bus companies may have included the meal cost in your fare. Having a driver also reduces your chance of having an accident for they know how to pass the frantic traffic and know a faster way to reach your destination. Not available everywhere, but are more common than one might think. Flights to Jakarta from Singapore are among the busiest international routes in the world. They follow a fixed route (usually marked by a colour or number), but there is no fixed schedule and there are no fixed stops. English publications in Indonesia have sprung up, albeit very slowly. The label jamu covers a vast range of local medicinal drinks for various diseases. Good communication and haggling skills are integral to assure you get to your destination and to prevent getting overcharged on these rides. It may just be some traditional desserts, but you're likely to see something familiar, like es krim (ice cream) and buah-buahan (fruits) or selada buah (fruit salad). Some hotels also provide free hotspots in the lobby, in their restaurants and in the rooms that may be free or incur an additional charge. With pickup and local guide included this tour will have you covered. Train stations are guarded by train police, who wear drab uniforms, but there may also be regular police or, rarely, military personnel. US dollars are the second currency of Indonesia but are typically used as an investment and for larger purchases and not for buying a bowl of noodles on the street. Keep your eye open for interesting things, some of them are quite delicious. Borobudur and Prambanan, Yogyakarta In Yogyakarta, known locally as Jogja, you can find two of the most famous temples in the world. Even if you're in a city, don't expect the roads to be good or the layout to be easy to navigate. Forest areas recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites are Ujung Kulon National Park in West Java, and three huge parks in Sumatra, which together constitute the Tropical Rain Forest Heritage of Sumatra: Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Gunung Leuser National Park and Kerinci Seblat National Park. Fueling is not self-service. Eating cooked chicken appears to be safe. Most drivers may already know this and will simply ask you to do so. As the crossing is listed only as a visa-free entry point, nationalities who do not qualify for this will have to apply for visas beforehand. The first Europeans to arrive (after Marco Polo who passed through in the late 1200s) were the Portuguese, who were given permission to erect a godown near present-day Jakarta in 1522 following attempts to monopolize the spice trade from the Spice Islands. Droughts are a major problem in certain parts of Java and other islands during the dry season, and water becomes a serious issue, but bottled drinking water is always available even in the rural areas.

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