Then, in March, she got bored. I’ll never forget the exact moment I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly likes to wear headphones during sex. “I love to know, like, J. Lo’s restaurant order or what brand shampoo Jennifer Aniston really uses,” the woman behind Deuxmoi said. The Celebrity Gossip You Won’t Find in the Tabloids,, Photo illustration by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin, via Getty Images; The New York Times. Instaloni VPN për Android/iOS falas INSTALO KËTU - SHIKO VIDEO Vullnetarët për përkthime të na shkruajnë në [email protected] “I’m a big fucking softie,” she says after thinking about it for a second. “Somebody’s going to message me and say like, so-and-so was caught doing drugs at a party or having a threesome or whatever,” she said. Elle multiplie les rendez-vous ratés sur les réseaux sociaux pendant qu'il peine à faire une rencontre. à partir ce ça, le zouk et le Kompa ont tout les deux convergé vers ce même idéal. Lisa Is a Murderer. But even though the main page was gone, the woman behind DeuxMoi as we know it today went solo and kept the Instagram account, occasionally reposting celeb gossip from Just Jared and Crazy Days and Nights, a popular blind-item site. She also changed DeuxMoi’s tagline to “Curators of pop culture.”. “I would call my friends and be like, ‘Should I let this person in? It was at a backyard wine bar with a friend in June, our first meal together since quarantine, and instead of catching up on, you know, our own lives, we were in deep conversation over Leo’s bedroom behavior. This spring, unflattering stories about actress Leslie Mann’s shopping habits—mostly from boutique salespeople writing in that she was rude to them—started to surface. “I'm happy to provide entertainment for as long as I’m physically and mentally capable. “Wait,” she said in true shock, “You don’t know about DeuxMoi?”, What Comments By Celebs was to 2019, DeuxMoi is to 2020—which is to say it’s the year’s most addictive social media phenomenon. Janë bllokuar playerat nga AKEP. “I don’t do any additional research. What I can confirm is that she identifies as a woman. Le Kompa était connu pour durer au moins 11 minutes. Who’s wearing a mask, and who’s not? “The type of followers I have, they know everything,” she said. Deuxmoi reposted the insider information. I will censor, but I don’t edit. Given that volume, she said, she does not have any personal photos stored on her phone. Did you hear the scoop about Chris Evans? But can you trust its sources? Elle est chercheuse et timide. Découvrez lensemble des équipements pour les aires de jeux en extérieur : jeux traditionnels, jeux de rôle et structures multi-activités pour les parcs de loisirs et les écoles ! “I just ask the reader to be discerning and, you know, decide for themselves if they think it’s true or not,” she added. ELLE participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. “I interned in the U.S. Senate and would see Bernie Sanders in the cafeteria getting soup for lunch fairly often,” a tipster wrote in a DM. I think about it all the time. Last month, The Cut covered JLo’s alleged beauty rider—a list of 90 products she demands for events and appearances—and credited DeuxMoi as their source. (For the record, DeuxMoi followers also say he has a VPD. Deux Moi, un film de Cédric Klapisch Elle multiplie les rendez-vous ratés sur les réseaux sociaux pendant qu'il peine à faire une rencontre. / Une perle a besoin de quelqu'un pour la contempler / Avoir un homme ne t' Posting other people’s celebrity encounters is her hobby. Explorar más vídeos. ... C'est pareil pour l'acte trois. NEW KOMPA - Milca - Pense À Moi (Kompa Remix) Francostiradores. r/Deuxmoi: This group is to be anonymous while talking all the gossip from Deuxmoi Instagram/FB Page! This kind of idle gossip proved especially engrossing during the beginning of the pandemic, when most celebrities were locked in their multimillion dollar homes, not doing anything, and the traditional tabloids had little to report. She updates her account daily around 6 p.m., when she finishes her work day. “Like, I don’t edit. Le PiS a gelé les nominations de 800 juges pendant deux ans. (Rumor has it: They do!). Some celebs have their own nicknames: “Headphone Dino Bones” is DiCaprio, because, well, in addition to the aforementioned sex headphones, he apparently also collects dinosaur bones. It’s a case-by-case basis.”, DeuxMoi accepts almost everyone who asks for a follow, and has never refused a request from a celebrity or publicist (in fact, the Hadid sisters follow the account), but she said she has delayed a few. An anonymous source recently claimed that Mr. Evans asks for “pickles, tomatoes, a little mustard, and extra mayo” on wheat, with salt and vinegar chips on the side, and he “always puts money in the tip jar.”. Hours later, another reader, unrelated to the first, produced a photo from that exact same night. By Julie Vadnal. Spurred by a teenage love for the banal details of celebrity life—from their coffee orders to their favorite brand of sneakers—she and a friend bought the url to create a lifestyle and fashion website where they would interview stylish people and write shopping guides. She’d seen the rumor on DeuxMoi, an Instagram account that collects and dishes out celebrity gossip from its followers. “I feel like my content is as truthful as the person who’s sending it in,” she said. Eventually, DeuxMoi wants to create a paid platform with exclusive info for subscribers, and she’s even thought about creating merch. Un Long-métrage de Cédric Klapisch. Even though readers have pointed out the account’s inaccuracies, like the time someone submitted a photo of a Hailey Bieber dining in New York City (other readers corrected her; it was a lookalike), DeuxMoi is more than a distraction—it’s quickly become a source for entertainment reporters, whether she likes it or not. Ces installations de jeux accompagnent limagination des petits et des grands lors de leur sortie. “I never say I’m an expert. Allegedly. The account’s administrator said she gets hundreds of submissions a week through her Instagram DMs and a form on her website. The account is like a weird social experiment in seeing how an online community comes together.” When she posts about a celebs coffee order, baristas chime in. “I am a private account. She began in 2013. For the record, that one remains unproven and was presumably false, but keep in mind, the message ended with: “START CHILLIN THE CHAMPAGNE BITCHES!! 8 talking about this. Rémy et Mélanie ont trente ans et vivent dans le même quartier à Paris. So I don't know why people trust what I'm saying. “Cries a Lot” is Anne Hathaway, who readers claim is often sobbing in the street. Recently, a reader wrote about seeing Justin Bieber at a restaurant three years ago. !” (And Biden did end up winning Nevada.). “It’s still so fun.” A New York City-based talent booker told me it’s the first thing he checks in the morning, and the last thing he checks at night. How does an actor respond when someone asks him for a picture? There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. (For the record, DeuxMoi’s followers were right; it was an affair, Lentz later confirmed.) NEW KOMPA - Milca - Pense À Moi (Kompa Remix) Informe. Simply the two words: 'me to'. I ask if she’s concerned at all about whether or not the tips she shares are true. Like, if it’s celebrity shopping at a boutique — I don’t know if this is too invasive — but I’ve asked, ‘What size jeans did they buy?’”, Though she also posts more dramatic updates about celebrity divorces and general misbehavior, they don’t spark the same kind of joy for her. ... Les mesures de restriction vont-elles durer deux mois, trois mois ? Tous les deux victimes de cette solitude des grandes villes, à l’époque hyper connectée où l’on pense pourtant que se rencontrer devrait être plus simple… Deux individus, deux parcours. Number two, if you want to speak to a source or want more information about something I posted, just ask me.” It’s not about her own pride, she says, it’s about her sources. “It just came very organically,” she says. In no way is the owner affiliated w/ this … This hasn’t stopped other celebrity news and gossip outlets, like The Daily Mail and LaineyGossip, from citing her account. What Deuxmoi tends to post — and what readers seem to gravitate toward — are anodyne stories that usually go unreported by magazines like People and Us Weekly. But unlike her predecessors, DeuxMoi remains anonymous. Top 200 of all time 150 Essential Comedies. Tel: 305-537-6509 - Fax: 801-406-2246 - Email: [email protected] 210 174th St. #1406 Sunny Isles Beach, FL, 33160 En effet, dans le dernier film du réalisateur français Cédric Klapisch “Deux Moi”, une comédie dramatique d’une durée de 110 minutes, le Compas a une place de choix. What goes on with the account is super fucking interesting, but I'm not. Rémy et Mélanie ont trente ans et vivent dans le même quartier à Paris. Like these people don't even know who the fuck I am and they're like sending me in their secrets and breaking their NDAs. But for lots of reasons, only some of them legal, she will not, under any circumstances, tell me who she is. “It’s never been about me,” she says. On va reprendre ça. “I felt like that was pretty innocent,” the woman behind the account said. When the topic is airplanes, flight attendants send in their celebrity tales. She knew about Beyonce’s British Vogue cover two weeks in advance of its release. Then, a few years later, as most “We should start a blog!” plans go, the site fizzled when they couldn’t keep up with it and their full-time jobs. “STT” stands for Save the Turtles, a reference to eco-warrior Adrien Grenier. This screening includes Deux Moi (Someone Somewhere) Date and time: Fri, May 22, 2020, From 12:03–12:01 am Runtime: 23 hr 58 min Cost: Virtual Ticket, streaming Get Virtual Tickets. The first tip that came in was about Leonardo DiCaprio. “I think it was March 18. Or as she puts it: “Acknowledge the people who were brave enough to write in that shit.”, "These people don't even know who the fuck I am and they're like sending me in their secrets and breaking their NDAs. Deux ans plus tard, en 1974, il pousse la note toujours plus haut, et plus loin encore, et sort son second album « Quo Vadis Terra », qui le place au sommet. Reproduciendo siguiente. The post took off immediately, and more readers chimed in with their supposed intel. Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer, the founders of the account @commentsbycelebs, which catalogs social media exchanges involving celebrities, teamed up with Jesse Margolis, the founder of @overheardla, which posts overheard snippets of conversations between young Los Angeles residents, to create @overheardcelebs. “People have asked me, a lot, to get the tea on politics, and I really don’t want to go there,” she said. Ralph Conde (Promets moi) 1st Class (Jalou) Casley (Encore Une Fois) Alan Cavé (Je Femen) Tina (A Tes Cotes) Don Polo (Histwa Damou) Pipo (La Femme De Mon Patron) Jean Thervens (Ban-m Mam Mam-m) Melange Konpa (Bonne Fêt Mama) RN Zouk (Unconditional Love) Nelson Freitas (Deeper) Loving U (Spanish Version) cd1171 - 1 CD Details ", Here’s how it works: Tipsters, many who claim to be Hollywood assistants, friends of friends, publicists, nannies, flight attendants, drivers, and maybe even celebrities themselves, divulge their insider info to DeuxMoi via direct message or email.

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