Il est ouvert 2h à 3h avant le début des matches. It was designed by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, the Swiss architects who also designed the Allianz Arena in Munich and Beijing’s Olympic Stadium, better known as the ‘bird’s nest’. They also show live sport on big screens.1941 Bordeaux Team - By photos d'époque [Public domain],CC BY-SA 3.0, Alexandre Delesse (Prométhée) [.There are no user comments for this listing.,See Available Parking Near Matmut Atlantique,41,500 (Clermont Auvergne v Stade toulousain (2015)),Girondins de Bordeaux v Montpellier HSC (23/05/2015),FCGB, Les Girondins (The Girondins), Le club au scapulaire (The Club with the V-Shape), Les marine et blanc (The Navy-and-Whites),Dark Blue & Black (Home) / White & Red (Away) This means the stadium should be operable well over a year before.Love it or hate it, this stadium is the most unique one among France’s host list! The new Bordeaux stadium appears light and open; it is elegant, if such a term can be used for a building of this size. Both names are temporary, however, as naming rights deal is expected to cover some 8% of the construction cost.Overall, Girondins football club agreed to cover half the budget with €85 million. Matmut Atlantique is the new home of the French Ligue 1 side Football Club des Girondins de Bordeaux, more commonly referred to as simply Bordeaux. , Une fan zone avec des animations, des jeux, un podium pour des show case, des food trucks et autres points d'activation sont proposés aux spectateurs. Le choix du nom. 17-nov-2019 - Architects Herzog & De Meuron compare their new stadium to classical temples. Before that preparatory works on the site in northern Bordeaux began, paving way for construction.Able to hold over 42,000 people, the new stadium was designed by Herzog and de Meuron, architects renowned for their previous visions in Munich and Beijing. Last is the naming rights deal targeted at €15 million.Actual construction works on foundations started in early 2013 and are expected to last until April 2015. Because of that that prices are often in a state of flux and you'll often pay different amounts depending on your age and the location within the stadium that you'd like to sit.Bordeaux also offer reduced prices for youngsters at certain matches. Here are some of our choices:The facilities at the Matmut Atlantique are excellent, not least of all the Wi-Fi HD that allows spectators to get online no matter where in the ground they are. {"asset":"/.imaging/sukoaImageHQ_jpg/dam/projects/COMPLETE-WORKS/351-400/367/150518/367_CP_150518_009_PRI_W.jpg","imageuuid":"18874b88-2064-47e1-a0e7-34ae76d07929","caption":"", "title":"367_CP_150518_009_PRI", "copyright":"© Iwan Baan"} Decision to take up public-private partnership was made back in 2011, but the project met with opposition, that was only dismissed by court in late 2012. This formal comparation is based on the "plinth - bowl - roof" structure that they use for giving shape to this new and ethereal volume designed for 42,000 spectators. It coincided with the French Football Federation’s desire to increase professionalism in the game, which had only come into being in 1932. They have four Coupe de France titles to their name as well as three Coupe de la Ligue titles and the same number of Trophee des champions. As with all grounds it still has four sides to it, named after the geographical area it is located in. Some tasty fixtures await in June 2016 and we can only guess who will make it to the July knock-out games.Opening game tomorrow, so let’s take a preview of the latest French stadium. Matmut Atlantique Hotels. The Parc Lescure, as it was known until the year 2000, was the home of FC Girondins de Bordeaux from 1938 until the club moved to their new home in 2015. The stadium can host sport events as rugby and soccer matches and others like shows, concerts or corporative events. MUSEUM FOR A PRIVATE COLLECTION OF CONTEMPORARY ART,053 RICOLA FACTORY ADDITION AND GLAZED CANOPY,050 SUVA HOUSE, EXTENSION AND ALTERATION OF AN APARTMENT AND OFFICE BUILDING,046 SANDOZ TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CENTER, NOVARTIS INDUSTRIAL AREA,044 APARTMENT BUILDING AND NURSING HOME SCHWARZ PARK,042 SANDOZ OFFICE BUILDING 430, NOVARTIS INDUSTRIAL AREA,039 CONVERSION AND RENOVATION OF TWO HOUSES,033 CONVERSION AND RENOVATION OF LABORATORY BUILDING 91 FOR SANDOZ, NOVARTIS INDUSTRIAL AREA,032 CONVERSION AND RENOVATION OF A BUILDING IN THE HISTORIC CENTRE,031 APARTMENT AND OFFICE BUILDING SCHWITTER,029 APARTMENT BUILDING ALONG A PARTY WALL,028 LEGO HOUSE: ONE SPECIFIC ROOM, CONTRIBUTION TO L’ARCHITECTURE EST UN JEU … MAGNIFIQUE,026 CONVERSION AND RENOVATION OF AN APARTMENT BUILDING,025 APARTMENT AND COMMERCIAL BUILDING SCHÜTZENMATTSTRASSE,024 CONVERSION AND RENOVATION OF AN APARTMENT BUILDING,020 CONVERSION AND RENOVATION OF AN APARTMENT BUILDING,011 RENOVATION OF THE KASERNE EXHIBITION SPACE,010 MURUS GALLICUS UNDERGROUND EXHIBITION SPACE,009 GASTHOF ZUM BAD, APARTMENT CONVERSION,007 INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL AM MÜHLETEICH,004 CONVERSION AND RENOVATION OF AN APARTMENT BUILDING. 22. Activate JavaScript in your browser settings for best performance.Parnassus Heights, San Francisco, California, USA,498 HARVARD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF DESIGN GUND HALL EXTENSION,497 UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL BASEL, PERIMETER B,473 SONGEUN ARTSPACE AND SAMTAN HQ, EXHIBITION SPACE AND OFFICE BUILDING,469 NEUE NATIONALGALERIE – MUSEUM DES 20. Here are some of our choices, though:Much like with the hotels, the drinking options in the city are numerous owing to the fact that wine lovers head there regularly. The club has had 35 managers in their history, with Aimé Jacquet spending nine seasons there and winning three of the club’s six titles.As it was only completed in 2015 it’s fair to say that the Matmut Atlantique stadium’s history will be formed in its future. , They’re meant to allow fast conversion to rugby mode without pushing an entire stand away from the field.The jaw-dropping outer appearance, stands, roof and even seats are all in place, just as in renderings. An excellent place for a pre-match pint.23 rue Ausone, 33000 (+33 05 56 48 55 85).The Frog and Rosbif is housed inside a former women’s prison that was built in the 16th century. The Bordeaux ibis is around half a mile from the ground and has a restaurant, a bar, meeting rooms, free Wi-Fi and multilingual staff. 367 NOUVEAU STADE DE BORDEAUX Bordeaux, France Competition 2010-2011, project 2011-2012, realization 2013-2015 > TEXT | IMAGE; 366 MUSEUM IN DOHA Doha, Qatar Project 2010-> TEXT | IMAGE ; 365 TEHUAMIXTLE MASTER PLAN Tehuamixtle, Mexico Project 2010 > TEXT; 364 URBAN STUDY Doha, Qatar Competition 2010 > TEXT | IMAGE; 363 RICOLA ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Laufen, … There is a club shop at the training ground where you can buy tickets, too.The Matmut Atlantique is about 7 km outside of the centre of Bordeaux, in the heart of the Bordeaux-Lac district.Though you can’t get a train to near to the stadium you can get a tram, with Line B and Line C both taking about 8 minutes. {"asset":"/.imaging/sukoaImageHQ_jpg/dam/projects/COMPLETE-WORKS/351-400/367/150518/367_CP_150518_002_PRI_W.jpg","imageuuid":"b1067f40-f492-4992-b28c-42e2bf27b8fa","caption":"", "title":"367_CP_150518_002_PRI", "copyright":"© Francis Vigouroux"} There is a parking area for bikes and motorbikes with about 1250 spaces, the Aubiers parking lot that houses around 246 spaces and the Brandenburg parking lot that can house 206 vehicles.Bordeaux is part of France’s famed wine district, so you can expect to find numerous excellent places to stay in the city. There isn’t much near to the stadium itself, however, so you’ll be well off making sure you get a drink in the centre before you head to the ground. [ La Fan Zone est le village animation situé sur le parvis Ouest du Matmut ATLANTIQUE. Bordeaux have also appeared in more Coupe de la Ligue finals than any other team, appearing as they have in six of the sixteen finals that have been contested.The club’s first official football match took place in 1920 when they beat Section Burdigalienne 12-0. This time original form uses stands as the most distinctive accent, with very slender supports spread in what seems to be chaotic way.Initially called Stade Bordeaux Atlantique, the ground was later named simply Grand Stade Bordeaux. There are other options available that are well worth exploring if you’re hoping to take advantage of such facilities when you head to Bordeaux.As a brand new stadium there will doubtless be numerous private hire options at the Matmut Atlantique, but if you want to know about them then you’d be best off contacting the club directly.Season ticket holders can enter the stadium ninety minutes before kick-off and, believe it or not, visit private areas such as the dressing rooms and the boxes. ibis hotels aren’t the most fancy hotels in all the land, but they’re functional and they’re cheap so you should definitely consider staying here.Avenue Jean Gabriel Domergue, Bordeaux, Gironde, 33300.The Novotel in Bordeaux has free Wi-Fi, free parking, multilingual staff and a restaurant. The design of the stadium also allows for three different configurations depending on whether or not the ground is hosting football, rugby or music concerts.There are two tiers in the ground separated by a row of 60 executive boxes. They achieved professional status in 1936 when they merged with Girondins Guyenne Sport, another team based in Bordeaux. The Nord Stand is where the away fans are situated, The Sud Stand has a lower tier that has a dedicated Fan-zone that houses the most vocal Bordeaux fans. Images by Iwan Baan, Francis Vigouroux. ‘The Business Club’ offers cocktails before the game and at half-time in the Stade Chaban-Delmas Club. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura: Architecture Beyond Building,The Metropolitan Opera, New York, New York, USA,319 NATURBAD RIEHEN, NATURAL SWIMMING POOL,318 ACTELION RESEARCH AND LABORATORY BUILDING,300 ARTIST’S CHOICE: HERZOG & DE MEURON, PERCEPTION RESTRAINED,The Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York, USA,288 PRADA IMPROBABLE CLASSICS, TEMPORARY STORE,283 PÔLE DE DÉVELOPMENT GARE OUEST TECHNOPORT,281 ARTEM – QUARTIER HAUSSONVILLE-BLANDAN,Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin, Germany,259 LEARNING CENTRE, ÉCOLE POLYTECHNIQUE FÉDÉRALE DE LAUSANNE,256 SWEET DREAMS, LANDSCAPE #1 AND TOOLS #1, EDITION 1,250 HERZOG & DE MEURON, NO. 2019/01/04 - Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron have designed a stadium for Bordeaux that will host football matches for Euro 2016 . The football part of the club wasn't added until 1910 and even then it was only on a trial basis and lasted a year. The stadium is state-of-the-art in every single way, being the first stadium in France that can legitimately be called ‘connected’, owing to the fact that it benefits from Wi-Fi HD. That will see you get a private, glass-fronted box with a view of the pitch as well as access to a buffet served in the Open Box Lounge. Designed by famous Swiss practice Herzog & de Meuron, the ground received a working name of Stade Atlantique. “New Stadium of Bordeaux”, as it’s known for the time being, isn’t only new, it’s one of a kind too!On Saturday fans of Girondins triumphantly marched to their old stadium and later stayed there for hours after victorious derby. MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE DI ARCHITETTURA: NEXT,216 THE SHAIK ZAYED BIN SULTAN AL NAHYAN MOSQUE,215 NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY,211 PALACIO DE LA MÚSICA Y LAS ARTES ESCÉNICAS,199 EXPANSION OF THE CANTONAL LIBRARY AARGAU,194 WORKS IN PROGRESS, PROJECTS BY HERZOG & DE MEURON AND REM KOOLHAAS/OMA,193 ST. JOHANNS-VORSTADT, OFFICE CONVERSION,190.2 MUSEU BLAU, MUSEU DE CIÈNCIES NATURALS DE BARCELONA,188 CONCERT HALL, EUROPEAN MONTH OF MUSIC,187 PRADA LEVANELLA, WAREHOUSE AND DISTRIBUTION CENTRE,Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA,185 PRADA NEW YORK, HEADQUARTERS PRADA USA,184 PRADA LE CURE, PRODUCTION CENTRE AND WAREHOUSE,183 HERZOG & DE MEURON, ARCHÉOLOGIE DE L’IMAGINAIRE,Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, Canada,Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain,180 ELSÄSSERTOR II, OFFICE AND COMMERCIAL BUILDING,174 HELVETIA, EXTENSION OF HEAD OFFICE, NORTH WING,Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, USA,168 HELVETIA, EXTENSION OF HEAD OFFICE, SOUTH AND EAST WING,166 IKMZ BTU COTTBUS, INFORMATION, COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA CENTRE, BRANDENBURG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY,165 REHAB BASEL, CENTRE FOR SPINAL CORD AND BRAIN INJURIES,162 TRADE FAIR BASEL, NEW TOWER AND SQUARE,157 ARCHITECTURES OF HERZOG & DE MEURON, PORTRAITS BY THOMAS RUFF,156 HERZOG & DE MEURON, ZEICHNUNGEN DRAWINGS,Peter Blum Gallery Soho, New York, New York, USA,155 EXPANSION OF THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART,151 KÜPPERSMÜHLE MUSEUM, GROTHE COLLECTION,148 ST. JAKOB-PARK BASEL, FOOTBALL STADIUM, COMMERCIAL CENTRE AND RESIDENCE FOR THE ELDERLY,147 THE ARCHITECT AS SEISMOGRAPH, CONTRIBUTION TO LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, 6. Le stade en chiffres Much like the ibis the hotel is around half a mile from the stadium.1 Avenue Jean Gabriel Domergue, Bordeaux, Gironde, 33300.The Hotel Pullman is a lakefront hotel in the Bordeaux region with 166 guest rooms, a restaurant, an outdoor pool and a fitness centre. MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE DI ARCHITETTURA,074 ARCHITEKTUR VON HERZOG & DE MEURON IM KUNSTVEREIN MÜNCHEN,071 CONTRIBUTION TO BERLIN MORGEN. , Sometimes anyone born after the year 2000 can attend the game for €5 as long as they provided suitable identification.The club’s official website is an ideal place to start if you’re looking to pick up tickets to see a match at the stadium. {"asset":"/.imaging/sukoaImageHQ_jpg/dam/projects/COMPLETE-WORKS/351-400/367/150518/367_CP_150518_003_PRI_W.jpg","imageuuid":"4f317f84-519f-43af-a020-07be480944cf","caption":"", "title":"367_CP_150518_003_PRI", "copyright":"© Francis Vigouroux"} Here are some of our choices, though: ibis Bordeaux Lac - £34+ Rue Du Petit Barail, Bordeaux, Gironde, 33300. As most works move inside the stadium amenities, grass is showing on the future field.First of two giant screens was mounted under the roof of Stade Atlantique this week. {"asset":"/.imaging/sukoaImageHQ_jpg/dam/projects/COMPLETE-WORKS/351-400/367/150518/367_CP_150518_007_PRI_W.jpg","imageuuid":"69a9f0c0-b939-432d-97fd-a4373946f632","caption":"", "title":"367_CP_150518_007_PRI", "copyright":"© Francis Vigouroux"} They show live sport and serve delicious food, too.144 Cours Victor Hugo, 33000 (+33 5 56 31 87 20).The Blarney Stone is an Irish themed pub in the middle of Bordeaux. Matmut Atlantique Bordeaux Lac 33300 BORDEAUX Tramway : station Stade de Bordeaux (ligne C) to 0,5 km Bordeaux-Lac - Bacalan , Remainder is to be paid by federal funding (€28m), municipality (€17m), urban community (€15m) and regional authorities (€15m). The connected nature of the stadium means that spectators of events at the ground can get interactive content during events.As for the club itself, the name Girondins was taken from a group of French Revolutionaries who were from the region. {"asset":"/.imaging/sukoaImageHQ_jpg/dam/projects/COMPLETE-WORKS/351-400/367/150518/367_CP_150518_008_PRI_W.jpg","imageuuid":"1fd38463-be1c-4378-a1be-f67f2c2903c8","caption":"", "title":"367_CP_150518_008_PRI", "copyright":"© Iwan Baan"} Completed in 2015 in Bordeaux, France. It brews its own beers, something that is unique in the city of Bordeaux. Une opération de naming, pratique de sponsoring dont l’objectif est de donner à une enceinte sportive le nom d’une marque ou d’une société sponsor contre une redevance financière, a permis de nommer le nouveau stade de Bordeaux, le Stade Matmut-Atlantique depuis le mois de septembre 2015. JAHRHUNDERTS,An Installation conceived by Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron and Ai Weiwei,Arts District, Los Angeles, California, USA,Curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Hans Ulrich Obrist,430 ASTRAZENECA’S STRATEGIC RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTRE AND GLOBAL CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS,414 HELVETIA, EXTENSION OF HEAD OFFICE, WEST WING,408.1 SKOLKOVO INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, EAST RING,Easter Elchies, Craigellachie, Scotland, UK,Messeplatz Basel/Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland,385 SKOLKOVO UNIVERSITY DISTRICT MASTER PLAN,374.2 ESPEL-STÖFELI-CHÄSERRUGG GONDOLA LIFT,362 ASKLEPIOS 8 - AN OFFICE BUILDING ON THE NOVARTIS CAMPUS,358 STRUCTURE FOR THE CULIACÁN BOTANICAL GARDEN,355 LYON LA CONFLUENCE, MASTER PLAN 2ND PHASE,351 BARRANCA MUSEUM OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART,348 GASKLOCKA, A TOWER FOR NORRA DJURGÅRDSSTADEN,337 HERZOG & DE MEURON AND AI WEIWEI, INSTALLATION PIECE FOR THE VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE,Contribution to La Biennale di Venezia, 11. Description: Stade Bordeaux Atlantique Decision to take up public-private partnership was made back in 2011, but the project met with opposition, that was only dismissed by court in late 2012. You can get tickets directly from the box office at the stadium, though a €2 surcharge is added for the privilege. You’ll also be able to pick up tickets from Ticketmaster and the Auchan website. MOSTRA INTERNAZIONALE DI ARCHITETTURA: SENSING THE FUTURE,International Pavilion, Giardini, Venice, Italy,145 ART BOX BONN, MUSEUM FOR THE GROTHE COLLECTION,143 FÜNF HÖFE, FIVE COURTYARDS FOR THE MUNICH CITY CENTRE,142 HERRNSTRASSE COMMERCIAL AND APARTMENT BUILDING,141 SCHAUSPIELHAUS ZÜRICH, CULTURAL CENTRE, THEATRE WORKSHOPS AND MUSEUM,139 EXPANSION OF EURO AIRPORT BASEL-MULHOUSE-FREIBURG,132 INSTITUTE FOR HOSPITAL PHARMACEUTICALS,131 CARICATURE AND CARTOON MUSEUM, CONVERSION AND NEW BUILDING,130 HERZOG & DE MEURON, UNE EXPOSITION, CONCEIVED BY RÉMY ZAUGG,125 BORNEO AMSTERDAM, HOUSING PROJECT IN A HARBOUR AREA,124 RHEINHAFEN WESTQUAI, HOUSING PROJECT IN A HARBOUR AREA,123 DREIROSENBRÜCKE, TWO-LEVEL HIGHWAY-BRIDGE,122 SITE SANTA FE, MUSEUM AND CULTURAL CENTRE,Architekturgalerie Luzern, Lucerne, Switzerland,118 URBAN DESIGN FOR THE SITE OF THE METALLGESELLSCHAFT REUTERWEG,116 CONTRIBUTION TO BIENAL INTERNACIONAL DE SÃO PAULO.

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