(25/09/2020), Trump’s coup d’état election (24/09/2020), Trump on coronavirus pandemic: “Virtually nobody” affected (23/09/2020), The New York Times and Nikole Hannah-Jones abandon key claims of the 1619 Project (22/09/2020), Why is Unifor hiding details of the Ford Canada “pattern” contract? As attorney and writer Jill Filipovic explained, on the NBC News website, “We need to push for real female power—for women to take the place of many of the men currently at the top of nearly every industry. “White privilege” has been supplemented by “male sexuality.” This is lodged in a definite, privileged section of the population. Présenté comme un « ambassadeur de charme » par la direction parisienne, la présence du joueur anglais montre surtout que le critère sportif n'a pas été le seul retenu pour établir la liste. Certains fans regrettent également les absences d'Amara Diané, de Vincent Guérin, d'Antoine Kombouaré, de Paul Le Guen ou encore d'Alain Roche[39]. Contact Us | (25/09/2020), The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020) (21/09/2020), Assange dragged from embassy “on the orders of the president” (22/09/2020), Trump incites fascistic violence as US election approaches (16/09/2020), Trump incites vigilante violence against peaceful protests in Wisconsin Welcome to the official Paris Saint-Germain ticketing website. Collins online dictionary defines witch-hunt (British) as “a rigorous campaign to round up or expose dissenters on the pretext of safeguarding the welfare of the public” and (American) as “an investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover disloyalty, subversive political activity, etc., usually conducted with much publicity and often relying upon inconclusive evidence and capitalizing on public fear of unpopular opinions.”. Inscrivez-vous gratuitement à laNewsletter RMC SPORT | Les + vues. Increasingly, commentators flaunt their lack of concern about the innocence or guilt of those accused. Goals. Venue Parc des Princes (Paris) Attendance 47680. Anyone who studies the Salem witch trials will come to the conclusion that it was not merely a fit of mass hysteria, but that definite economic and social processes were at work. (08/31/2020), The Biden/Harris campaign and the dead-end of “lesser evil” politics (08/17/2020), The selection of Kamala Harris and the degradation of American politics (13/08/2020), Biden picks former law-and-order prosecutor Kamala Harris to be his Democratic running mate (12/08/2020), Hannah-Jones receives Pulitzer Prize for personal commentary, not historical writing, American Historical Review publishes letter on 1619 Project by Tom Mackaman and David North, New York Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein attempts to slither away from central 1619 Project fabrication, New York Times ignored objections raised by 1619 Project fact-checker, A reply to the American Historical Review’s defense of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, race theory and the Holocaust, The New York Times’s 1619 Project: A racialist falsification of American and world history, Slavery and the American Revolution: A Response to the New York Times 1619 Project, An interview with historian James McPherson on the New York Times’ 1619 Project, An interview with historian James Oakes on the New York Times’ 1619 Project, Historian Victoria Bynum on the inaccuracies of the New York Times 1619 Project, The COVID-19 pandemic: A trigger event in world history, Socialism and the centenary of the Russian Revolution: 1917-2017 (01/03/2017), Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov (1856–1918): His Place in the History of Marxism (12/05/2016), Philosophy and Politics in an Age of War and Revolution (10/25/2016), A Quarter Century of War: The US Drive for Global Hegemony 1990–2016 (07/11/2016), Vindictive court rulings prove British state wants Assange dead, The significance of the doctors’ open letter in defence of Julian Assange, Doctors demand “urgent” medical intervention to save Julian Assange’s life, An open letter from doctors: Julian Assange “could die in prison”, Clinical Psychologist Lissa Johnson on Julian Assange: “A maximum security prison is no place to treat a torture victim”, Collapse of Swedish “sexual misconduct” frame-up exposes political conspiracy against Assange, Wall Street Journal investigation confirms Google operates censorship blacklist. Once more: What has happened to the #MeToo witch-hunt? Anyone foolish or naïve enough to be roped in by it ought to be brought to their senses by some of the filth that is emerging, including the demented article by Stephen Marche in this Sunday’s New York Times on the brutality of the male libido, which states that self-castration may be one answer to the problem. ... 28: B. Pelé. Le 28 janvier 2018, le PSG remporte son premier titre international sur Rocket League lors de la DreamHack Open Leipzig [75]. Why should anyone pay the slightest attention to her miserable moral prescriptions and definitions of “decency”? Too bad.” She concludes, “We won’t die of having less sex (indeed, no one ever has). November 28, 2017: 6:57: 16:30: 9h 33m: November 29, 2017: 6:58: 16:30: 9h 32m: November 30, 2017: 6:59: 16:30: 9h 31m: The sunrise and sunset are calculated from New York. The Royal Charter had been revoked. (12/09/2020), ICFI Resolution: Socialism and the fight against war (18/02/2016), SEP (US) Resolution: The fight against war and the political tasks of the SEP (25/08/2014), SEP (Australia) Resolution: The Socialist Equality Party and the fight to build an international anti-war movement (27/07/2016), SEP (Sri Lanka) Resolution: The political struggle against war and the tasks of the Socialist Equality Party (30/04/2016), PSG(Germany) Resolution: The struggle against war and the tasks of the PSG (14/11/2014). Jean-Marc Pilorget détient le record du plus grand nombre de matchs joués avec le Paris Saint-Germain. Bahasa - Indonesia; Chinese (simplified) Deutsch; English - Australia; ... 29 November 2017 Game week 15 Kick-off 21:00. This was an exceptionally explosive year dominated by three widely supported strikes, led by left-wing Socialists, Trotskyists and Communist Party members—the Toledo Auto-Lite strike, Minneapolis truck drivers’ and San Francisco dock workers’ strikes. Transferts les plus chers de l'histoire du Paris SG, Liste des capitaines de 2001 à aujourd'hui, Dernière modification le 27 septembre 2020, à 22:31, Coupe d'Europe des vainqueurs de coupe (C2), Coupe d'Europe des vainqueurs de coupe 1995-1996, Meilleur buteur de la Ligue des Champions, Meilleur passeur décisif de la Ligue des Champions, https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Statistiques_et_records_du_Paris_Saint-Germain&oldid=175092185, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Plus grande affluence : 49 575 – Paris Saint-Germain vs Waterschei, 13 mars 1983 [22]. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton’s strategy for victory was based on the Brock Turner case at Stanford, bathroom access for transgender people and “white privilege.” The Democrats invested enormously in all this, and it failed. The torrent of allegations and denunciations of sexual misconduct against media figures, Hollywood personalities and politicians continues to flow unabated. Original land titles had been canceled and others not yet secured. Les archives d'actualités articles et vidéos France tv Sport - 28 novembre 2017. The Democratic Party in particular is deeply immersed in the sexual crimes business. (28/09/2020), After the exoneration of Breonna Taylor’s killers: The way forward in the fight against police violence (26/09/2020), Why won’t the Democrats fight Trump? Decades of ideological and political reaction lie behind these reactionary notions, but also a good deal of envy. Top of page, Copyright © 1998-2020 World Socialist Web Site - All rights reserved, Marxism and the Fundamental Problems of the 20th Century, Armenian-Azeri conflict erupts in Caucasus, threatening wider war, The world has reached the grim milestone of one million COVID-19 deaths, US governors told in February that pandemic would get “much worse,” but did not alert public, US political warfare escalates with New York Times release of Trump tax returns, Police respond to demonstrations across the US with vicious assaults on protesters and journalists, Two novellas on the #MeToo issue: Mary Gaitskill’s. Le tableau suivant présente la liste des capitaines principaux du Paris Saint-Germain depuis 1970[38]. We might ask, who appointed Emba, former “Hilton Kramer Fellow in Criticism” at The New Criterion, one right-wing publication, and whose writing has appeared in the National Review, another one, the sexual Gauleiter of America? Half-time 0 - 0 Full-time 2 - 0. Le 4 juillet 2017, le club dévoile sur son site internet son Hall of Fame qui regroupe tout d'abord les vingt joueurs considérés par les instances parisiennes comme les meilleurs de son histoire. This campaign has nothing to do with protecting women—especially working-class women—against sexual harassment, let alone criminal violence and other forms of exploitation and repression. Plus de caps dans les compétitions européennes : Plus longue série sans encaisser de buts : Plus grand nombre de buts inscrits en Ligue 1 : Plus grand nombre de buts inscrits en Coupe d'Europe : Plus grand nombre de buts inscrits sur une saison : Plus grand nombre de buts inscrits en Ligue 1 sur une saison : Plus grand nombre de buts inscrits en un match : Plus grand nombre de buts inscrits en Coupe de France : Plus grand nombre de buts inscrit en Coupe de France sur une saison : Plus grand nombre de buts inscrits en Coupe de la Ligue : Plus grand nombre de buts inscrits en Coupe de la Ligue sur une saison : Plus grand nombre de doublés en Ligue 1 : Plus grand nombre de doublés en Coupe d'Europe : Plus grand nombre de doublés en Coupe de France : Plus grand nombre de doublés en Coupe de la Ligue : Plus grand nombre de doublés au Trophée des Champions : Plus grand nombre de doublés en Coupes nationales (Coupe de France, Trophée des Champions et Coupe de la Ligue) : Plus grand nombre de triplés en Ligue 1 : Plus grand nombre de triplés en Coupe d'Europe : Plus grand nombre de triplés en Coupe de France : Plus grand nombre de triplés en Coupe de la ligue : Plus grand nombre de triplés en Coupes nationales (Coupe de France, Trophée des Champions et Coupe de la Ligue) : Plus grand nombre de passes décisives en Ligue 1 sur une saison : Plus de passe décisive dans un seul match : Seul entraîneur français à remporter une Coupe d'Europe avec un club français : 2014 : Thiago Silva (2), David Luiz, Angel Di Maria, Neymar. Poverty, the destruction of pensions and health care benefits, the vicious rescinding of abortion rights, the attack on Planned Parenthood and other critical women’s health programs, homelessness, the opioid crisis and the jump in the rate of suicide do not concern them in the slightest.

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