Transmitter 1: BBC 2: Digital 3 & 4 A: SDN B: BBC C: Crown Castle D: Crown Castle Gp Pol OS grid ref. Also near Winter Hill. Shows the distance from Lytham-St-Annes to the North Pole, Equator, South Pole and any place in the world. A main transmitter is what it says, it is the main TV transmitter for the region that you’re in. Glad the 63 steps were at the beginning of the walk when we were still feeling quite energetic! For example you receive one signal directly from the transmitter and another is being reflected off a nearby hill. Main transmitters are typically around 25 miles apart from each other and broadcast in a much stronger strength than relay transmitters and can serve great distances. Walked September 2020. This is a 100-mile walk from the Croker Hill/Sutton Moor BT Tower in Cheshire to the Winter Hill Transmitter in Lancashire with just under 17000 ft (5000m) of ascent. ... Winter Hill was the site of a huge fire which raged on for 41 days last summer. Detail maps: Pendle Forest. The Winter Hill air disaster occurred on the morning of 27 th February 1958 when the Silver City Airways Bristol 170 Freighter travelling from the Isle of Man to Manchester, crashed into Winter Hill several hundred yards away from the Independent Television Authority’s Winter Hill transmitting station. I live in South Cumbria and have a fairly new terrestrial aerial pointed accurately at the Winter Hill transmitter near Bolton. Winter Hill. Blimey, from golden sunshine last weekend to 'bleak is beautiful' today, what a contrast. The 'winter hill' signpost still points up the hill at WP14, but thanks to one of the previous comments,(Alec) this didn't cause us any problems. Click on a transmitter name to view gallery. The Winter Hill trespass in 1896 was organised when Colonel Ainsworth closed a track leading to Winter Hill denying the right of access to the local population., aeroplane disasters and murder. This page was last updated in December 2011. By searching to find those transmitters nearest to the receiver - up to five nearest each of relays, transmitters broadcasting all digital muxes, and mains - likely to give the strongest signals. The bright green areas shown where the signal from this transmitter is strong, dark green areas are poorer signals. The group of ladies were by now sat on foam mats drinking coffee next to the reservoir, I wondered where they'd got too, anyway a cheery 'morning' was shared by all. Down to the eastern side are the Pennines and Cannock Chase. Distance = 5.57 miles (8.96 km) Duration = 2 hrs 45 mins, with stops (start 12.30pm – finish 3.15pm) Total Ascent ... Rivington Pike is the familiar turret seen up on the west side of Winter Hill, at 1,191 ft it offers one hell of a view over west Lancashire and parts of Cheshire. 07/10/05 - 10:10 #8. On 27th February 1958 35 people lost their lives when a Bristol 170 Freighter flying from the Isle of Man to Manchester airport crashed close to the Transmitting Station, so severe was the weather that morning that all the engineers were completely un-aware at what had un-folded only a few hundred metres away. Key: Principal service area The winter of 1955 was very bad in that area, and engineers named the spot ‘Winter Hill’. Winter Hill Transmitter Mast and Counting Hill from Dean Mills Reservoir. Dean Mills Reservoir is a small water reservoir to the north of the town of Bolton, Greater Manchester located high on the slopes of Winter Hill. Much of the top of Winter Hill is fairly flat in the form of a large plateau. The Winter Hill transmitting station is a broadcasting and telecommunications site on Winter Hill, at the southern boundary of the Borough of Chorley, Lancashire and above Bolton. The Winter Hill transmitter opened on 3 May 1956. Do you live in a place with a distant beckoning horizon of hills and wondered if you could trace this horizon on foot? I don't know a general way of finding out, but in this particular case Memory Map shows the distance to be 38.7 km (from the junction of the B6252 and the B6251 in Barlick to the middle of the group of masts at Winter Hill shown on the OS map) and the bearing is 213 degrees. Winter Hill (Channel 9) and Emley Moor (Channel 10) Companies: Granada TV Network (weekdays), A.B.C. Taking in all the sights of Rivington and Winter Hill, starting a few km to the east at Adlington Station, Rivington Pike, Winter Hill Transmitter and the Castle are all visited in this 12.11m (19.51km) route. You need to shift the aerial you have pointed on HTV (Moel y Parc transmitter) to the same direction as the Winter Hill aerial. The landmark TV transmitter broadcasts digital terrestrial television signals for the North West. The transmitter was originally an A group for television broadcasts, ... providing a method of identifying the hills from a distance. Walking boots a must! I also have an 18 element type "A" aerial directed to the Moel y Parc transmitter but whilst good at receiving the analogue channels I get zilch with freeview. Television transmitter location maps. It is owned and operated by Arqiva. Winter Hill Air Disaster Memorial. More about Winter Hill: Winter Hill is the highest point in the area known as the West Pennine Moors. Pleasant walk on the moors above Belmont village with far ranging views of the west coast as you approach the Pigeon Tower at WP9. It is a hill steeped in history and even more than most Pennine hills it has been heavily marked by the hand of man. ... Also switching to the Winter Hill transmitter will ensure that all muxes are available. The map shows measured coverage of the original analogue UHF TV broadcasts from Winter Hill, however post DSO coverage is expected to be largely similar. Yorkshire was a very difficult area to cover, with steeper Pennine hills than Lancashire and a long distance between high ground and the low-lying areas of the East Riding. Cheaper coax will almost always give a higher loss, and it is likely to be more prone to picking up interference. The Winter Hill TV Transmitter can be seen in the distance. None of the handful of men working up there that morning were aware that a plane had just crashed close by (though one thought he'd heard a 'whooshing noise'). Includes air line, route, centre, route planner, flight route and interactive map. In distance order out to 100km, approximately 62 miles, default selection will be nearest main transmitter. The Transmission Gallery A comprehensive selection of photographs and coverage area maps: Information Details about UK terrestrial television and radio transmitters - past and present I live in Lancashire, about 18 miles as the crow flies from the Winter hill transmitter. The transmitter station is some 200 metres from where the tail section had come to rest. The highest point for miles and just short of a mountain, Winter Hill is a key part of the West Pennine Moors and a habitat for a huge range of wildlife. Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of UK TV transmitter information and Freeview aerial requirements, but channels and frequencies change regularly with little notice. Harryo . Storeton is listed as 7-miles distance and Winter Hill is 24-miles distance, is Winter Hill for instance likely to offer more channels than Storeton? Add to Your Pages. Freeview Transmitters. These maps detail the locations of all of the transmitters within broadcasters’ regions. To find out which transmitter your aerial gets its signals from, visit our Detailed Transmitter Information page and enter your postcode and house name or number into the boxes provided. The maps have been published to provide guidance for industry and viewers on when switchover is going to happen in a particular area. Harryo Posts: 41. but some are brilliant (BBC news 24, Sky news etc) Painting Bilsdale transmitter: ... Winter Hill - 309m Black Hill - 307m Mendip - 280m Moel Y Parc - 240m Sandy Heath - 240m ... fact cannot) take into account local conditions (particularly trees or high buildings) and they tend to over emphasise distance to the transmitter. Winter Hill transmitting station - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia - WikiMili, The F As noted already the section from Rivington Pike - WP13 - across the peat moor to the Winter Hill transmitter mast - WP14 - is very boggy at the best of times. 31 August 2016. Thirty-five people died and seven were injured. The cause of the fire is unclear. With evidence of occupation going back literally thousands of years there is plenty of history on and under the hill. The symbol shows the location of the Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter which serves 2,690,000 homes. No better example of this is the 1000ft high TV transmitter mast near the summit, a feature that helps identify the hill from a great distance. Forum Member. 0. To the far north in Lancashire and just north of Manchester is Winter Hill with its 1000feet transmitter mast clearly visible at night due to its aircraft warning lights. Those parts shown in yellow may have … Twittering and whistling From here you can see your most likely and alternative transmitters, predicted receptions and distance … The view from Crooked Edge Hill (WP26) is gorgeous, as is the scenery on the entire walk. My current aerial is a 24 element bog standard job, in good condition, with new co-ax & fittings. The signal on some freeview channels is terrible (BBC4, Cbeebies, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 etc.) The Winter Hill transmitter is a very well known landmark in the northwest and it can be see from as far as Cumbria and Northwest Wales, especially at night, when the red aircraft lights beam out in … There will always be some loss in the antenna cable, but this should be minimised, especially in areas where the signal level is low because the transmitter is a distance away, or because of shielding by buildings, hills, etc. Winter Hill is a hill on the border of the boroughs of Chorley, Blackburn with Darwen and Bolton, in North West England.It is located on Rivington Moor, Chorley and is 1,496 feet (456 m) high. Try moving the radio or tuning to a different frequency. Television (weekends) The first proposal for covering the great Northern area with its population of about thirteen million was to build a high-power transmitting station close to the existing BBC Band I station at Holme Moss on the high central rib of the Pennine Chain.

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