In February 2000, the Lions of Teranga had lost to co-hosts Nigeria 2–1 after extra-time in the quarter-finals of the 2000 Africa Cup of Nations. "[20], Senegalese President Macky Sall said that Metsu "had given Senegalese football its finest hours" by coaching the Senegal team to the championship final (the first-ever in its history) of the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations and to the quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup. Il a alors pour équipiers des joueurs comme Didier Six, puis Roger Milla. Metsu's connection to the country had been sealed when he married a Muslim by the name of Rokhaya 'Daba' Ndiaye, one day after he had converted from Christianity to Islam in Senegal. When the 2002 World Cup finals started, 21 of the 23 players in the Senegal national squad were playing with French clubs. Metsu was eventually forced to pay a fine for breach of contract.[4]. Si vous connaissez un site qui parle de Bruno Metsu et susceptible d'apporter des informations complémentaires à cette page, vous pouvez nous proposer le lien. Metsu did not have to wait long for a new job. I learnt life here. [2], Metsu immediately began fostering the esprit de corps that would fuel his Senegal side, recalling several players whom the Senegalese Football Federation did not want in the national team because of perceived indiscipline. Il est normal qu’il y repose», a déclaré à l’AFP sa soeur Véronique. After losing the match against Turkey, Metsu faced unprecedented criticism from the Senegalese press, which blamed him for fielding players it described as tired and worn out against Turkey. Avec cette équipe, il remporte la Coupe du Golfe des Nations en janvier 2007. During his senior playing career from 1973 to 1987, he played for seven different clubs in his native France. Selon le quotidien L'As, avant l'arrivée de Abdou Karim (Bruno) Metsu, il n'y aura eu que deux "toubabs" qui, après s'être convertis à l'islam, auront été enterrés à Yoff.La petite enquête menée par nos … I am thinking about them in particular. [4] He coach the club to win the re-branded 2002–03 AFC Champions League(its maiden title), and completed a double by winning the UAE Football League in the same year. En 2002, la France, championne du monde en titre, est sûre de sa force. His career as a youth and senior player with eight different clubs was largely based in his native France. [22], On 21 October 2013, Metsu was given an Islamic funeral in the Senegalese capital, Dakar. Bruno Metsu repose désormais dans le cimetière musulman de Yoff, à Dakar. Despite his contract lasting until 2010, Metsu resigned from his post on 22 September 2008 after the UAE suffered defeats in their first two matches of the 2010 World Cup qualification - AFC fourth round Group B. Après plusieurs succès nationaux et continentaux à la tête d'équipes locales, il devient le sélectionneur de l'équipe nationale des Émirats arabes unis de juin 2006 à septembre 2008. [12] His club won the 2011 Qatar Crown Prince Cup in April 2011. From 1988 until his death, he was the manager of a total of nine clubs in France and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, the Guinea, Senegal, United Arab Emirates and Qatar national football teams. The country hosted the 2011 AFC Asian Cup in January 2011. Trois questions à... Rémy Metsu, fils aîné de Bruno Metsu", "Bruno Metsu, former Senegal coach, dies of cancer at the age of 59", "Bruno Metsu, who took Senegal to the quarter-finals of the 2002 World Cup, dies", "Former Senegal coach Bruno Metsu dies at 59", "L'ex-entraîneur du Sénégal, Bruno Metsu, est mort", "Dunkerque : dernier hommage à Bruno Metsu", "Le Sénégal rend hommage à Bruno Metsu, "héros parmi les héros sénégalais, Asian Club Championship and AFC Champions League,, Sportspeople from Nord (French department), Expatriate football managers in the United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates national football team managers, Expatriate football managers in Saudi Arabia, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Pages using national squad without sport or team link, Pages using national squad without comp link, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, * Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only, This page was last edited on 5 December 2020, at 02:48. L'ex-sélectionneur français du Sénégal Bruno Metsu, décédé le 15 octobre en France à l'âge de 59 ans des suites d'un cancer, sera inhumé lundi à Dakar, selon sa famille. Une cérémonie funéraire est prévue lundi vers 10h. When the Senegal national football team returned to Dakar following their exit from the 2002 World Cup finals, they were given a heroes' welcome. "[18], "A thought for those close to Bruno Metsu, a man and a coach who successfully exported the values of French football," the French Football Federation said. I made a name here and pushed the doors open to the wide world. Although they lost to Cameroon 3–2 on penalties, the White Sorcerer, his sobriquet given by the local press, and his charges were given a red carpet reception when they arrived back home in Dakar. The UAE crashed out of the 2007 AFC Asian Cup after finishing third in a group containing Japan, regional rivals Qatar and co-hosts Vietnam with one win and two losses; especially shocking was the 0-2 loss in the opening match to Vietnam. L’ombre de Bruno Metsu a plané sur la conférence de presse des Lions. He did not manage the team with an iron fist. He told L'Équipe, "It is terrible for him, for Viviane [Metsu's widow] and the kids. I honed my skills as a coach here. It was the country's first Gulf Cup win, with Metsu achieving what former national team bosses had all failed to do. Bruno est parti, mais il sera toujours dans nos esprits et dans nos vies. Puis il va successivement à Valenciennes, Sedan et Valence, avant de débuter une brillante carrière internationale. He had a three-year spell as a youth player in Belgium with Anderlecht. Ils ont réussi à atteindre les quarts de finale de cette compétition, où ils sont finalement battus par la Turquie. L’ombre de Bruno Metsu a plané sur la conférence de presse des Lions. 59 ans From 1988 to 1992, he was the manager of Beauvais's senior team, which was in Division 2 throughout his tenure there. Ce 15 octobre 2020, le monde du football particulièrement celui sénégalais se souvient de Bruno Metsu. [1][3][4], Metsu's team drew their remaining Group A matches with Denmark (1–1) and Uruguay (3–3). From 1988 until his death, he was … Before embarking on his career as a footballer, the teenaged Metsu worked as a courier on the docks of Dunkirk. Bruno Metsu, né le 28 janvier 1954 à Coudekerque-Village (Nord) et mort dans cette ville le 14 octobre 2013, est un footballeur et un entraîneur français. He was perhaps most famous for coaching Senegal to the quarter-finals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, including a surprise victory over defending champions France in the opening match of the tournament. [11] Metsu's overall record with the UAE was 13 wins (11 official), 9 draws (3 official) and 20 losses (8 official) in 42 matches (22 official), scoring 47 goals and conceding 59.[11]. Bruno Metsu was a French footballer and football manager. L'équipe sous sa direction atteint les quart de finale de la Coupe de France en 1988. But this loyalty to his roots did not restrict him from responding to the appeal of other horizons, where he showed his qualities as a coach with the national teams of Senegal, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Metsu succumbed to the cancer in the evening of 14 October 2013 at the clinique des Flandres in Coudekerque-Village. During his senior playing career from 1973 to 1987, he played for seven different clubs in his native France. Il se la coule douce sur la petite côte balnéaire de Saly, avec Viviane Dièye, l’ex-épouse de Bruno Metsu… I still talk about it to my friends. "Metsu complained of so many things in Guinea. Some Senegalese officials, football players and fans opined that Senegal would have progressed from the quarterfinals had Metsu used the right men from the start of the Senegal-Turkey match and made substitutions during that match. It was a crass way to sack a manager, especially one who prided himself on the strong bonds he formed in dressing rooms. [18], The French minister of sports, Valérie Fourneyron, said, "For this man of the north, tenacity and strength of character in adversity took the place of the rule book. Il devient titulaire indiscutable à partir de 1976. Ancien sélectionneur des Lions, il s’est éteint il y’a 7 ans. After Metsu had finished playing his first season (1984–85) for Beauvais, it won promotion to Division 2.[1][2]. Il raccroche alors les crampons, et dirige le Centre de formation du club picard. [1], Metsu was appointed the manager of Valenciennes at the darkest point in that club's history, immediately after its relegation to Division 2 following the conclusion of the 1992–93 Division 1 season and in the wake of the discovery that some of its players had accepted bribes to throw a Division 1 match against Olympique de Marseille that was held on 20 May 1993. She changed her name to Viviane Dièye Metsu after the marriage. Some members of the French team, as well as high-profile players of other teams, publicly dismissed the Senegalese. He spent the last few months of his life combatting the cancer in his native commune of Coudekerque-Village in northern France. "By concentrating five players in midfield, my friend Metsu concocted a nice plan. Mort à l'âge de 59 ans (de quoi ?). He was sacked on 28 February 1993 after it had managed to win just 5 of its first 27 Division 1 matches in the current season, the board summoning him to a meeting and inquiring: "So have you heard the gossip? On 12 July 2012, Metsu was named as the new Al Wasl FC head coach, replacing Diego Maradona who had been sacked two days earlier. Il débute au SC Hazebrouck, avant de partir comme junior au Sporting d'Anderlecht. Il devient entraîneur de l'équipe première à partir de 1987. Si vous ne trouvez ce que vous recherchez sur Bruno Metsu, décrivez-nous votre demande et nous vous répondrons personnellement dans les plus brefs délais. [1] Des infos à partager ? Mort à 59 ans vendredi dernier à la suite d'un long et courageux combat contre le cancer, l'ex-sélectionneur du Sénégal Bruno Metsu va être inhumé lundi au pays des Lions de … During his 14 years as a senior player between 1973 and 1987, all with French clubs, he played 366 Division 1/Division 2 matches and 28 Coupe de France matches, scoring 30 and 2 goals in Division 1/Division 2 and Coupe de France matches respectively. "[19], Senegal and Montpellier striker Souleymane Camara, who was a member of the Senegal team at the 2002 World Cup finals, told L'Équipe, "More than a coach, he was a big brother to us. Senegal were finally beaten 1–0 in the quarter-finals by Turkey after extra time, thanks to İlhan Mansız's golden goal. In this round, it beat Sweden 2–1 after extra time thanks to the two goals scored by Henri Camara, one of which was the golden goal scored in the 104th minute. [1], In the year 2000, Metsu became the manager of a national team for the first time when he took charge of the Guinea national football team after signing a modest contract. Bruno Metsu, né le 28 janvier 1954 à Coudekerque-Village (Nord) et mort dans cette ville le 14 octobre 2013, est un footballeur et un entraîneur français. Il rejoint en mars Al Gharrafa Doha pour une durée de deux ans et déclare alors « C'est un bon challenge, le groupe est bon et intéressant. Bruno Metsu, l’ancien sélectionneur du Sénégal, décédé en octobre 2013 après avoir conduit les Lions à leur premier quart de finale de Coupe du monde pour une première participation, était l’absent le plus présent lors de la première conférence de presse de … La dépouille de Bruno Metsu sera ensuite transportée à Dakar où elle arrivera dimanche à 20h45 selon la télé sénégalaise RTS. This led to a host of offers for the Frenchman, who left Al Ain FC in May 2004 to join the Qatari club Al-Gharafa in July 2004 as manager, to the resentment of Al Ain FC. Hervé Renard est tombé sous le charme de Viviane Dièye, ex-épouse de Bruno Metsu décédé le 15 octobre 2013 Hervé Renard est en vacances au Sénégal pour des raisons de cœur. Metsu spent over a decade as the manager of five different clubs in France before his first foray overseas as a football manager in the year 2000. Atteint de cancer, Bruno Metsu démissionnera du club Al-Wasl de Dubaï et sera remplacé par Diego Maradona. Entraineur, Entraineur de football, Footballeur, Sportif (Football, Sport collectif). In 1988, he guided the Beauvais youth team to the runner-up position in the Coupe Gambardella. What I liked about him was that when we had to work, we worked, when it was time to have a laugh, we laughed. Il a ensuite entraîné d'autres clubs du Golfe arabo-persique, au Qatar et en Arabie saoudite. He lost his final battle but will remain, in the memory of all fans of football, a person who never gave up, this indefatigable globe-trotter of football who always pushed others to go beyond their limits. In a passionate speech to his team before the opening match of the tournament (France versus Senegal), Metsu used the disparaging comments to stir his players. Senegal thus became the first African side to reach the quarter-finals since Cameroon in 1990. Bruno Metsu, l’ancien sélectionneur du Sénégal, décédé en octobre 2013 après avoir conduit les Lions à leur premier quart de finale de Coupe du monde pour une première participation, était l’absent le plus présent lors de la première conférence de presse de l’équipe du Sénégal ce lundi à Moscou. In 2005, Metsu coached his new club to the Qatar Stars League title in his first season, with a 14-point winning margin over the second-placed Al Rayyan SC. The feeling was mutual and Metsu left the Guinea post after less than one year on the job to become the manager of the Senegal national football team in the year 2000. In October 2012, three months after replacing Diego Maradona at Al Wasl FC, Metsu was diagnosed with primary colon cancer, with the cancer already having metastasised to his lungs and liver. Senegal finished Group A in second position and thus qualified for the round of 16. He lasted a year there, then had spells at Sedan (1995–1998) and Valence (1998–1999) before, he applied successfully to become the manager of the Guinea national football team. Découvrez notre liste de 40 entraineur francais morts et connus comme par exemple : Bruno Martini, Henri Michel, Gilbert Doucet, Fabrice Asensio, Michel Hidalgo, Robert Herbin, Olivier Baudry, Philippe Redon, Bruno Metsu, Alex Dupont... Ces personnalités (de … He was survived by his wife, Viviane Dièye Metsu, and their three children – Enzo, Noah and Maeva,[14][15][16] and a son Rémy by his first wife. Après délibération (si nous pensons que le contenu proposé est intéressant), nous afficherons le lien vers cette nouvelle source d'infos et nous vous préviendrons par e-mail quand il sera publié. Metsu brought a new spirit that inspired the nation's football and aroused young talent to see themselves as giants anywhere. Facultatif : transmettez-nous également les coordonnées GPS de l'emplacement exact de la sépulture de Bruno Metsu. Car on ne peut pas avoir une emprise sur la vérité et la vérité est qu’avec Bruno et … Vous avez des questions sur Bruno Metsu ? Vous savez où se trouve la tombe de Bruno Metsu ? Nous n'avons pas de citations de Bruno Metsu pour le moment... Si vous connaissez des citations de Bruno Metsu, nous vous proposons de nous les suggérer. Le club de l'Escaut, vient de retrouver la Division 1. Il entraîne alors l'équipe Al Ayn Club avec laquelle il est deux fois champion des émirats mais surtout vainqueur de la Ligue des champions de l'AFC en 2003. Al-Ittihad lost its second playoff match against Al-Hilal FC and thus failed to advance to the final playoff match.[4]. Loin des yeux, toujours dans le cœur, wiwsport vous plonge dans l’histoire de Abdou Karim Metsu, le Lion blanc de … [13] He was linked to the head coach job of the Iranian side Persepolis in June 2012 but it was eventually filled by Manuel José. After retiring as a player with Beauvais in 1987, Metsu took up the youth team manager post with Beauvais in the same year. While at Lille, Metsu played 63 matches and scored 3 goals in all competitions. Après trois saisons à l'USL Dunkerque, il rejoint l'US Valenciennes Anzin en juillet 1975. [2][3], Metsu guided Senegal to seal a spot in the 2002 World Cup finals for the first time in its history. Bruno Metsu not only made history for Senegalese football but for all of Senegal. Retrouvez l’émouvant entretien de L’Equipe du 31 juillet 2013. Francais, né le 28 janvier 1954 et mort le 14 octobre 2013. Les Sénégalais y ont étonné tout le monde en battant 1 à 0, lors du match d'ouverture, l'équipe de France tenante du titre. Metsu was later buried in the Muslim cemetery of Yoff. Bruno Metsu, ancien milieu de terrain né à Coudekerque (Nord), a joué en D1 française pour Valenciennes (1975-79), Lille (1979-81) et Nice (1981-82). Next up for Metsu was a brief stint in 2006 in Saudi Arabia, where the six-time Saudi Professional League champions Al-Ittihad were currently only in fifth place in the 2005–06 Saudi Premier League table and were in danger of missing out on the four-team, three-match playoff for the league title. Après avoir entraîné l'équipe de Beauvais, Bruno Metsu dirige les joueurs du club de Division 1, Lille. Al Ain retained the UAE Football League title in 2004. He coached the club to finish in third position in the league table. Il prend la tête de l'équipe nationale du Qatar, comme sélectionneur, à partir du 25 septembre. Senegal were better than us," conceded the France team manager Roger Lemerre, who was magnanimous in defeat. After his conversion to Islam, he called himself Abdulkarim Metsu and a fair part of the Senegalese press addressed him as Abdulkarim. En raison de problèmes de santé, il démissionne le 26 octobre 2012 et meurt dans sa ville natale le 14 octobre 2013. On peut faire quelque chose de bien ». Cimetière musulman de Yoff : Bruno Metsu, sera le 3ème "toubab" enterré à Yoff . [4] He nevertheless led his side to victory in the 2005–2006 Sheikh Jassem Cup, but conditions had deteriorated to the point that he left the club in April 2006. Proposez une citation. [1], Metsu was appointed the manager of the Division 1 club Lille at the age of 38 on 1 July 1992. Metsu's coffin was draped in the Senegalese flag and the green flag of Islam. He outstandingly led Senegal to the championship final (the first-ever in its history) of the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations held in Mali. They were expected to finish at the bottom of Group A also containing Denmark, the defending champions France and Uruguay. Il termine sa carrière professionnelle en Division 2, d'abord à l'OGC Nice, puis à Roubaix Football en 1983-1984. [1], Metsu played in the attacking midfield position. [2], Metsu left his post as the manager of the Senegal national team in 2002, at the height of differences with the country's football officials. During the funeral, Sall described Metsu as "a model of humanity and virtue" and a "hero among Senegalese heroes". Le jour où Metsu faisait tomber la France. Metsu was handed a one-month contract by the club president Mansour Al-Bilawi to help the club qualify for the playoff. On 25 September 2008, Metsu returned to Qatar, accepting a job as manager of the Qatar national team. Vidéo: El Hadj Diouf prie sur la tombe de Bruno Metsu. En avril 2012, Bruno Metsu est proche de devenir le nouveau sélectionneur du Sénégal mais c'est finalement Pierre Lechantre qui est nommé à ce poste. He managed to motivate us so much that we could not lose. His widow Viviane, their three children, Senegalese president Macky Sall, Senegalese National Assembly president Moustapha Niasse, and several notable Senegalese footballers such as El Hadji Diouf, Khalilou Fadiga, Aliou Cissé, and Ferdinand Coly were among those who attended the funeral held at a Dakar hospital – l'Hôpital Principal de Dakar. I will remember his magnificent smile and his love of life. On 26 October 2012, he resigned from Al Wasl after being hospitalised in Dubai due to colon cancer. [1] Metsu's relaxed but inspiring coaching style quickly whipped his team into shape to the admiration of both fans and officials. Metsu returned to the United Arab Emirates as the UAE national team manager in 2006, coaching his side to victory in the 2007 Gulf Cup of Nations in front of a packed stadium in Abu Dhabi on 30 January 2007. Poor infrastructure, poor management by Guinea's football association and frequent meddling in his work," said Titi Camara, a former Guinea international who later became the country's sports minister. He was a skilful midfielder, with good technical skills, who developed essentially in his stronghold of the north, whether at Dunkirk, Valenciennes, Lille or Roubaix. I knew they were going to fight like lions," Metsu told the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard later that year. [2][5], After Senegal had defeated France in the opening match of the 2002 World Cup finals, Senegalese president Abdoulaye Wade declared a national holiday. Le 3 février 2011, il est limogé de son poste, une semaine après la défaite de son équipe contre le Japon, lors des quarts de finale de la coupe d'Asie 2011. Bruno Metsu (Dunquerque, 28 de janeiro de 1954 — Paris, 15 de outubro de 2013) [1] foi um futebolista e treinador francês.Estava treinando o Al-Wasl.. Depois de treinar clubes menores na França e a seleção senegalesa, entre 2000 e 2002, Metsu … Bruno Metsu signe un contrat professionnel et évolue comme milieu de terrain. He was appointed the manager of Al-Gharafa in March 2011 on a three-year contract, returning to the club that he had guided to win the Qatar Stars League in 2005. [20], Augustin Senghor, the president of Senegalese Football Federation (FSF), said, "It (Metsu's death) is a great loss for Senegal. Soyez le premier à poser une question sur Bruno Metsu. Il rejoint finalement le club d'Al-Wasl à Dubaï en juillet en remplacement de Diego Maradona et s'engage pour une durée de deux ans. Metsu maintains that the Crown Prince of Qatar, who was the chairman of Qatar's National Olympic Committee, orchestrated the moves due to his unhappiness at his club, Al-Sadd SC, being dethroned as the Qatar Stars League champions by Al-Gharafa. We had a lot of adventures together. In the latter tournament, Qatar finished second in their group with two wins and a defeat before it was beaten 3–2 by Japan in the quarter-finals on 21 January 2011, resulting in Metsu's sacking in February 2011. It was held around Metsu's coffin at the salle Pierre Delaporte inside the Stade des Flandres and was attended by about 400 persons, including Metsu's widow and sister, Senegal's ambassador to France and the mayor of Dunkirk. Aidez-nous à localiser la tombe de Bruno Metsu en nous envoyant l'adresse du lieu où se trouve sa sépulture (cimétière...). «Le Sénégal est son pays de coeur. [6][7][8][9][10], Metsu was mostly described in Senegal as a coach who inculcated the culture of courage and relentlessness in the Lions of Teranga, which subsequently influenced the junior ranks and the nation's club sides.

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